After Microsoft and QBS have already been won as prominent sales partners, Crypto Future GmbH is landing the next coup - recently the well-known software provider Trend Micro has also become an official partner. The Japanese company is an important producer of security and counterespionage software and has therefore joined a cooperation with Interpol in 2014 in order to combat cyber crime.

"Through the partnership with Trend Micro, Crypto Future can now offer the best IT security products to its customers. Considering the growing threat posed by cyber-crime, this will open up an important future market for our company," says CEO Tomislav Matic.

After extensive preparations, Crypto Future GmbH exclusively presents the first details of its new products:

The Rotharium platform combines the advantages of a decentralized system (transparency and non-modifiability of data) with conventional IT systems to create optimal business cases for companies and consumers. In addition, external programmers in the B2C (business to customer) sector can link their applications with the Ethereum Blockchain.

Rotharium Wallet - the simple solution to store our Rotharium crypto token securely. Especially important for investors who were involved in the ICO. The official presentation of "R-Wallet" will take place this December.

Rotharium Food Tracing is a counterfeit-proof method to trace agricultural goods from production to the end consumer – with this development Crypto Future makes an important contribution to a sustainable way of life. In January 2019, Rotharium Food Tracing will also be officially introduced.

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