The Rieder-Veltlinerhof family - a well-known winegrower dynasty from Poysdorf, the “Wine Town of Austria” – will become the first winery to use the Rotharium Food Tracing application – developed by Crypto Future – for their products. 

The Rieder Family

The winery "Rieder Veltlinerhof" has been growing wine in Poysdorf, in the "Weinviertel" region, since 1746. The family also runs restaurants and hotels. As the name suggests, the Lower Austrian region of “Weinviertel” is one of the most important wine-growing regions in Austria. The climate and geological conditions create the perfect conditions for excellent white wines such as Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Blanc and Riesling. In addition to white wines, the Rieders also produce rich red wines such as Zweigelt, Merlot and Rote Cuveés.

The philosophy behind excellent wine-growing is to take care of the grapes close to nature and harvest them at the right time. The harvest is processed in the wine-cellar according to the highest quality criteria.

Each wine is given a special, distinct flavour and note according to its origin. The loess-clay soils and the pronounced differences in temperature between day and night allow the wine grown in this region to be particularly fruity. High ripeness of the grapes gives the Rieder wines their complexity. Naturally, the Rieder Winery focuses on sustainable agriculture.  

Rotharium Food Tracing

Rotharium Food Tracing from Crypto Future - a Vienna-based company specializing in blockchain-based IT solutions, among other things - enables forgery-proof traceability of food. All logistics data such as harvest time and transport data can be stored decentrally by means of a mobile phone application using blockchain technology and are thus protected against any manipulation.

With the help of this mobile app, farmers, for example, can quickly and easily set up their farms and then define the goods they produce. A QR code is then generated and assigned to the specific products or production location - the data can then be retrieved by both producers and consumers using a QR scanner.

Since Austria is demanding the highest standards in wine production worldwide, the app is particularly suitable for winegrowers. The use of blockchain-based food tracing enables already existing quality criteria to be further increased - thus the end consumer can be sure that they are receiving the best quality for their money. In addition, the app offers the possibility to increase the transparency of transport and logistics.

"Talente bewegen - be the influence" is the motto of the 12th “CONFARE CIO Summit”, which will take place from 3rd to 4th April 2019 in the "Metastadt Wien" (Dr. Otto-Neurath-Gasse 3; 1220-Vienna/start: 08h30). Crypto Future GmbH will be an official partner of this event, joining stakeholders such as IBM, DELL EMC and TrendMicro.

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Crypto Future CEO Tomislav Matic says: "After we have already gained attention with our blockchain applications such as Rotharium EBI or Rotharium Platform during top-tier international conferences last year, we are now taking the opportunity to present ourselves to the big players of the IT industry."

Hannes Windhaber from Untersiebenbrunn/Lower Austria has become the first farmer to use the Rotharium Food Tracing App – developed by Crypto Future GmbH -  for his products. This Blockchain-based application enables producers as well as end-consumers of agricultural products to trace these products in real time from the production stage to the product purchase. This will offer numerous opportunities especially in this age of increased quality and sustainability awareness. Not only can the quality of agricultural products be largely improved with the help of Blockchain food tracing, but it is also possible to increase the efficiency of logistics by using the Blockchain technology, which means an enormous saving potential.

Watermelons from Austria

Farmer Hannes Windhaber has already achieved name recognition for cultivating watermelons in the “Marchfeld” in Lower Austria. It is important to know that this region has always been intensively used for agriculture, but only traditional vegetables and cereals had been grown there previously. Windhaber, who is very passionate about his occupation, relies on organic farming – unlike many of his competitors in Eastern Lower Austria. In addition to watermelons, the cultivation of tangerines is also planned for the future.

Rotharium Food Tracing from Crypto Future

Crypto Future is an IT company founded in 2017 which offers blockchain IT solutions and combines ERP products (such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV) with the Blockchain technology. Vienna was deliberately chosen as the company’s headquarters - this because Austria wants to become a Blockchain pioneer, as was recently confirmed by the President of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Harald Mahrer in an interview with "futurezone".
With Rotharium Food Tracing, Crypto Future connects the blockchain with agricultural quality management. For example Farmers can now define what agricultural products they produce on the mobile phone application and then define their products - quick and easy. A QR code is then generated, which is assigned to the defined products and the production location. Just print this code and attach it to the respective product. The data is then securely stored in the Blockchain - with no risk of forgery - and can be traced by the end consumer and the farmer. Due to the decentralized nature of data acquisition within the blockchain, the manipulation of harvest time, transport route etc. is virtually impossible. This creates a new type of quality assurance and existing labels can also improve their standards further by using Blockchain Food Tracing.


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