Rotharium Food wants to conquer Hungary

With Rotharium Food Tracing, the blockchain-based food tracing app, Crypto Future has already written IT history several times, now a check out the new update.

App in Hungarian language
The mobile phone application has already been successfully used in German and English - and a new version is now available in Hungarian language too. Implementing the strategy of broad marketing in Central Europe - especially due to numerous similarities in the area of agriculture (keyword: wine growing).
Therefore, both app versions (IOS and Apple) are now available in Hungarian - each for the entry page and the product search page .

Zero waste for climate protection
The mobile app Rotharium Food Tracing enables farmers and food producers to set up their businesses quickly and easily and define the offered products. Producers also have the option of creating stickers with the Rotharium Food Seal for the respective product batch, which are attached to the corresponding products. The QR code on these stickers shows consumers - who, by the way, only need a QR code scanner on their mobile phone or tablet, regardless of the app - all data on the purchased product. The Rotharium Food Seal also transparently stores the food data on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Everyone is talking about environmental protection and sustainability - Rotharium Food Tracing is making a concrete contribution: The update therefore contains the new "Zero Waste" certificate function, with which food producers can prove that they are producing environmentally friendly without any waste. In addition, all versions of the app have been optimized, including the text field, in order to further improve user-friendliness.



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