Crypto Future impresses during elite Blockchain Finance Forum

The Austrian capital again hosts a high level event regarding finance and Blockchain.

The Blockchain Finance Forum (BFF) is a comprehensive one day conference focusing on the potential of blockchain in the banking & finance sector. It will take place for the first time on October 22nd in Vienna and gather over 300 attendees and 20 international speakers. Keynotes and panel discussions from leading industry experts will give you a direct insight into the latest trends and developments. BFF addresses all stakeholders in the financial industry ranging from banks, investment funds and insurance companies to innovative FinTechs and Blockchain start-ups.

Part of the elite
It’s obvious nowadays that - in addition to Ripple, Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) and other big players - Crypto Future GmbH is also part of the "inventory" of such top events. Crypto Future has already successfully established the Rotharium token as a means of payment and has developed an international showcase with the Rotharium Blockchain Food Tracing App.
During numerous discussions, CEO Tomislav Matic emphasized the importance of Blockchain technology for the future and emphasized that the world belongs to courageous innovations: "The Internet turned 50 a few days ago – and even in the early 2000s, some people claimed that it would never prevail. By the way, 100 years ago, many people said the same thing about electric light. I sometimes experience a Deja Vu here. But I am convinced that the Blockchain will change and shape us just as much as the light bulb or the WWW".


Crypto Future GmbH
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1220 Vienna, Austria

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