In November 2017 the American credit card company American Express announced a partnership with the US cryptocurrency Ripple and the Spanish Banco Santander. One of many projects in the finance sector which have been successfully started by the third largest player in the blockchain world. Also investors who are interested will be able to rely on an entire stock index of companies involved in blockchain. More specifically - the "Solactive Blockchain Technology Performance Index" includes those companies that have significant economic exposure to blockchain – all together 20 members, mainly from the US. However, Europe is catching up – for example the Mahrberg Fonds (based in Liechtenstein) is increasingly focusing on blockchain-based technologies. Even Austrian big players in the finance sector like RBI (Crypto Future already reported) are in the process of discovering the blockchain for their businesses.

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The world’s biggest producer of smartphones and semiconductors Samsung may use the blockchain to manage its global supply Network. Samsung Group is one of the first global manufacturers to take a serious look at using the distributed ledgers in its operations. The company wants to use the blockchain-technology to reduce its cargo expands (Crypto Future has already mentioned the blockchain's cargo potential in another blog post). Samsung expects to handle 488,000 tons of air cargo a.o. this year - including displays and Galaxy S9 phones. A blockchain system may support the company to reduce the time lag between product launches and actual shipments, making it easier to respond to rival products and shifting consumer demands in emerging markets like China.

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22 European countries signed today a Declaration on the establishment of a European Blockchain Partnership. The Partnership will be a vehicle for cooperation amongst Member States to exchange experience and expertise in technical and regulatory fields and prepare for the launch of EU-wide blockchain applications across the Digital Single Market for the benefit of the public and private sectors. This should ensure that Europe continues to play a leading role in the development and roll-out of blockchain Technologies. The Partnership will contribute to the creation of an enabling environment, in full compliance with EU laws and with clear governance models that will help services using blockchain flourish across Europe. The European Commission also launched the “EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum“ in February 2018 and has already invested more than EUR 80 million in projects supporting the use of blockchain in technical and societal areas. Around EUR 300 million more are to be allocated to blockchain by 2020.

List of countries signatories of the Declaration: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK.

Other countries, Members of the EU and of the European Economic Area are invited to join the European Blockchain Partnership.  

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